Syllabus for Sessional Exam August 2015

Nirma University

Institute of Technology

B.Tech Semester VII (Institute Elective), Odd Semester, 2015-16

Applied Literature (2HS016)

Syllabus for Sessional Examination, August 2015

  • “Still I Rise”, “The Unknown Citizen”, “Night of the Scorpion”, “Hope Is the Thing with Feathers”, “All You Who Sleep Tonight”, “The Dacca Gauzes”
  • “The Gift of the Magi”, Idea of India (Select Excerpt)
  • Sherlock (Series, Season 1, Episode 1), To Sir, with Love

Expectations from the Examinee:

  • Detailed reading (understanding & analysis) of the texts (cinematic and literary).
  • Adequate contextualisation (application) of the texts vis-à-vis their respective historical (socio-politico-cultural) contexts.
  • Critique (evaluation) of the issues raised by the texts.

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